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#ENDSARS: Nigeria sitting on the keg of gun powder

Written by Olaide Kareem.

It should not be a surprise to many political scientists and by extension many social scientists that the current youth unrest is happening. In fact, some of us thought it will come earlier than this, but at last it is here with us.

Many academic researches in criminology, sociology and political science on the structural formation of the country, the effect of bad governance on the livelihood of the people and the nonchalant attitude of the governing elites who had been recycling themselves in power for many decades have been suggesting that a situation like this is staring us at face.

Some even laid it nakedly in their works that revolution or civil unrest is coming if urgent actions are not taking. This was as far back as ten years ago for whoever paid attention. Some public commentators even nicknamed it as ‘ Nigeria sitting on the keg of gun powder that will explode at any time soon’. It has not exploded yet, this what you are seeing is just the flame.

Changing of government that happened in 2015 was thought to be a desired and expected solution to the aforementioned problems but alas we entered second chance.

This goes to show that political elites across different parties are one in looting and corruption. This is not about Buhari or Osinbajo because of their integrity but about the structural formation of our governance which these duo have no political will to change as topmost officers in the country.

So, there may not be any waiting again to ask for good governance. This is because things are getting worse across board.
The initiator of this protest only began what they knew not how it will end.

The description is just like one who ignites fire beside petrol soaked rags claiming that he will blow it off with mouth as if that is possible. Expectedly, the protest will be hijacked.

Funny enough, there are many police officers and military personnel who are angry not to the people but to the system too which has consistently shortchanged them in the course of their duties.

One analyst said this morning that this government should take the opportunity of this protest to bring about real change the youths are protesting for now by way of becoming the hero but I doubt there are many in government who are hellbent that things must remain the same.

These people may advice the government to destroy the country further because sending military to the protesters either the peaceful ones or violent ones will worsen the already volatile situation.

What makes this situation a dicey one is the leaderless nature of the protestor. Therefore, the government needs for now to be seen doing the requests of these youths and find a way to appeal to the nation entirely on what has gone wrong and state what must be done to avert future reoccurrence.

Most importantly, let there be fresh breeds in politics in both parties and any new risen political parties with youthful outlook must be supported by the older good elites.

This protest is not about PDP or APC but about long neglect of the overpopulated youths in the country. Something must been done to avoid this looming tragedy in the country. We need prayer too.



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