Two ‘firebrand’ Nigerian pastors have called on Christians in the country to reject Muslim presidential candidates in next year’s general elections.

The clerics, Prophet Isa El-Buba and Pastor David Ayuba, said Nigerian Christians do not approve of either a Muslim and Northerner to become their next leader after President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure.

In a 44-seconds video clip obtained by PRNigeria, Prophet El-Buba, at a religious crusade was captured ‘thundering’ that a Northerner will never become the President of his followers (at the crusade) in 2023.

He said: “I am from the North and stand for the North. “And I declare that no Northerner will be your president in 2023. “And we do not permit any Muslim to be our president in 2023. “If you believe this declaration, stand on your feet and say amen”.

Pastor Ayuba, on his part, urged all Nigerian Christians to vote Peter Obi, and shun the Muslim presidential candidates.

Vowing to mobilize nothing less than 1 million votes for Obi in Kaduna State, from his pastor-friends, he alleged that the plot to have Muslims as presidential candidates of the two dominant parties was deliberate.

According to Ayuba, there is no tribe that exists as Hausa-Fulani, but either Hausa or Fulani. The Kaduna-based pastor said: “The major political parties have Muslim presidential candidates so that Christians will have no option but to vote either of the dominant parties. “So that any Muslim that comes up will continue with Buhari’s legacy. Buhari is the 16th most influential Muslim in the world. “They said Buhari has contributed a lot to Islam. Hence, the next president must continue from where he stopped”.


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