President Donald Trump on Thursday rejected the presidential election result still being counted in some states.

The US general elections had been concluded on Tuesday and counting has continued since then.

Trump stated there was a number of shenanigans, insisting that he was winning in all the major places however all of a sudden his lead began getting miraculously whittled away.

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Whereas the incumbent is angry that mail-in votes are still being counted, some critics have claimed that Trump lost ground in a few of the states as a result of he actively discouraged his supporters from voting by mail, whereas Democrat Joe Biden urged his voters to use postal ballots.

It’s the postal votes that are actually being tallied in the key states.

Talking from the White House on Thursday, Trump, who had on Wednesday stated he has received the election, added, “We had been successful in all the key places, by a lot actually, after which our numbers began getting miraculously whittled away in secret they usually wouldn’t permit legally permissible observers.

“There’s been a number of shenanigans and we can’t stand for that in our nation.”



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